About Funguys Brewing

Meet the Funguys!


Our little family Funguys was started by college friends who decided to take their passion for the craft beer industry and make it into a career.  Since our "founding” back in college, we have dedicated our time and energy to prepare for opening a brewery. 

The Funguys Experience


From recipe development, to cracking the grain, to sipping a fresh beer, the whole experience is a roller coaster ride. But each time, we find a new reason to love the process, and we wish to pass that onto you. Drinking beer should be fun and revolve around great times. The two go hand in hand at our brewery. If you don’t have a good time at Funguys Brewing, we feel you aren’t getting a full experience. 

To Be Shared, Enjoyed, & Considered


We believe that a beer should be brewed to be shared, enjoyed, and considered, preferably with a good friend and in an accommodating setting. While we love brewing the old classics, our small batch 7 barrel brewing system allows us to push the limits of our creativity.  Ranging from Saisons to Stouts, Funguys Brewing produces unique craft brews that craft lovers will keep coming back for. 

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