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SMaSH Bandicoot Session Amber - 4.5%

SMaSH Bandicoot is an old favorite from our homebrew days. This (S)ingle (M)alt (a)nd (S)ingle (H)op ale is low in alcohol but packed with flavor.  The solo hop is Idaho 7 and the malt is  Red X.  By doing a SMaSH you allow the malt and hop to shine on their own.  The Red X lends a deep red, amber color and adds a welcomed sweetness, while the Idaho 7 presents a bold orange aroma and flavor with some light floral notes as well.  Easy drinking and refreshing in all seasons.

Rotational Offerings


Abstract Magic Hazy IPA - 7%

A brew day can feel like a bit magic act.  Add some water to cracked malt, boil the runoffs, add some hops, and throw some yeast in.  After two weeks you have this awesome beverage that is nothing like it was on day 1.  Now a brew day is a little more complicated but that's the  basic premise.  This beer celebrates the brew day process!  A simple malt base of Golden Promise and Flaked Wheat, then hopped with Idaho 7 and Citra in the whirlpool and finally dry hopped with Idaho 7, Citra, and Amarillo.

Blurry Bliss Double Hazy IPA - 8.4%

It's no secret that New Zealand and Australian hops have become extremely exciting to work with for brewers, especially those like us who love IPAs.  This beer uses some of our favorite hops from "Down Unda!"  Galaxy, Vic Secret, and Motueka meets a creamy malt base of Pilsner and Flaked Oats.  One of our most sought after beers, but our hardest to source! All of these hops are extremely hard to get so we only expect to brew this a few times a year! Get some while you can!

Cosmo Robot Hazy IPA - 7%

Nick took two of our favorite hops Mosaic and (New Zealand) Motueka and blended them together. The result is a highly aromatic medley of citrus and tropical fruit,  the flavor follows the aroma with plenty of fruit flavor.  One of our favorite beers to date so we had to name it something Funky! 

Disco Disco Fuego Fuego Double Hazy IPA - 8%

Brewed for our 1st Anniversary!  One of Nick’s best homebrews revived. Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe Cryo hops meet for this highly flavorful DIPA.  When the three hops are combined together they bring forward a bright Berry and Citrus flavor.  Our highest hopped beer to date!  A reflection on the past and look to the future!

Paula Street Pale Ale *Rotating Hop* Hazy Pale Ale - 5.5%

An ode to our location at Paula Street, we kept this Hazy Pale Ale at 5.5% to be a crusher for year round enjoyment.  While this beer varies batch to batch, the beer is the exactly the same throughout fermentation.  We hop it with Azacca and Mosaic to give a familiar pineapple flavor, but then the post fermentation hop or "Double Dry Hop" is changed.  This keeps the flavor relatively similar while varying the aroma drastically. 

Wicked Fog New England Style IPA - 6.2%

Inspired by a hazy afternoon on the water in New England.  We brewed this beer to be light in ABV, yet bursting with flavor.  Brewed with loads of Oats, hopped with a blend of Citra and Mosaic hops.  Low enough ABV to have a few, but flavorful enough to keep you excited about another.  Pairs well with Fishing Trips, Beach Days, and getting things done around the house! 


Sandbox Kid New England Style IPA - 7.2%

Every once in a while we play around with ingredients we normally don't use.  This process we refer to as going to the Sandbox to see what we can build around a general concept.  This beer came out of the concept of using Honey malt and El Dorado.  We decided to do a Pilsner and Flaked Oats base to display the beautiful color and flavor of Honey malt and the Pineapple flavor of El Dorado. This hop combo lends a flavor and aroma of pineapple, passion fruit, citrus, and candied oranges.  The beer was so popular we decided to make it a Flagship!